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About Time Integration with CaseWare Cloud

Integrate your Time environment with CaseWare Cloud to leverage new features and functionality available with our cloud-based applications. This solution requires minimal setup and eliminates the need to configure, and maintain your own servers at the office.

Time integration with Cloud is an optional feature.

How it Works

Time integrated with Cloud, allows firms to perform certain Time operations from Cloud such as entering time and expense; setting up clients, staff, and contacts; and generating transaction reports. Because Cloud is optimized for the web, perform these operations from a tablet or smartphone, in addition to your desktop computer. For a detailed list of supported devices and browsers, see the list of:

A connection between Time and Cloud is established to support a process called merging, which synchronizes the data between the Time database and the Cloud database ensuring the latest information in your file displays in Time or Cloud.

On an integrated file, your Time data is actively synchronized with the Cloud and you can perform the following operations from Cloud:

  • Add and modify Client, Contact, and Staff information.
  • Enter Time and Expense and generate basic and detailed reports on the go.

In an integrated environment, when you are in the Time desktop file, you are either working in an Online state or an Offline state. An icon appears on the lower right corner of the status bar to indicate your state.

  • Working Online in the Time file establishes a connection with Cloud to send and receive data. The synchronization is a background process that does not affect how you work in the file.
  • Working Offline in the Time file does not establish a connection with Cloud. In this state, areas of the Time file dependent on Cloud updates are inaccessible.

For details on status, see Time connection status.

Merging happens automatically in the background when you are working Online in the Time file. When you update certain setup areas such as Client, Contact, or Staff information, that data is automatically sent and merged with Cloud to ensure users on Cloud have the latest information available.

A manual merge command is available under Tools | Merge Time and CaseWare Cloud, to force a merge with the Cloud server.

You must activate Protection in Time to integrate with Cloud. Protection enables you to grant rights to users and control who has access to certain areas in the Time file and the Time file itself. When you integrate with Cloud, these rights will be setup for all staff in Cloud. Staff members will have equivalent rights in both Time and Cloud to perform certain operations from either system.

For detailed information on rights in Time and permissions in Cloud, see here.