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Send to folder

All automatic and CaseView documents can be saved to a local or network folder in HTML format and accessed by other users by using Windows Explorer.

Select a document and then click Document | Send To | Folder.

You'll be asked to locate the folder.

If no document is selected, Time will ask you to confirm that you want to save all documents on the Document Manager to the folder.

  • Avoid using invalid characters in the file name such as: periods, asterisks, commas, semi-colons, minus signs, ~ (tilde), @, /, \, |, %, ' (back quote), ' (single quote), !, #, ^, &, +, (, ), =, {, }, [, ], and $
  • HTM and HTML files may be opened only in an internet browser. We recommend Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher
  • You can save a CaseView document in HTML format from either the Document Manager or from CaseView itself. To convert the document using CaseView, open CaseView and select File | Publish | HTML.
  • When viewing a CaseView HTML document, set the background color to the Windows default color as other backgrounds can cause readability problems.