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Adding Memo Text to CaseView Credit Notes

  1. When creating the credit note, click images\cvppbut_shg.gif to view, modify or print the credit note using CaseView.
  2. In CaseView, click images\tcvmemo_shg.gif and enter customized text to appear in the body of the credit note.
  3. Click OK. The memo text automatically appears on the credit note.

Additionally, memo text may be added by clicking the button in the Credit note dialog.


  • The Credit Note Memo button on the Time toolbar is active only when the CaseView Credit Note is accessed from the Process | Credit Notes dialog.

To clear details entered through a memo attached to a CaseView credit note, click the Reset button.

This can also be used if the memo gets corrupted and CaseView cannot open the document. Once clicked, a prompt will appear to confirm that the credit note is to be reset.