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Modifying Credit Notes During Processing

In credit notes you can enter the individual credit note in the processing phase and break down the charges into sub charges and add extra description lines, as needed. Provisions exist to indicate when a credit note is out of balance and when original calculations have been overwritten.

Add a line to the breakdown.


Delete a line from the breakdown.


Remove the amount from a line and leave it as a description-only line.


Restore the amount cell to a line. (A zero amount will be entered.)



Restore the original amount


Changing the Address

Use the pop-up list above the address to switch between four possible addresses; Main address, Alternate Address, Group Address or Group Alternate Address. These addresses are set in the Clients or Groups setup dialogs.

As you add or delete amounts you will make the credit note calculation unbalanced and it will no longer equal the total calculated in the Credit Note process dialog. The sub-total amount will appear in red until you correct the calculation to balance and match the Credit Note process calculation. In addition, a watermark will appear across the print out warning of the imbalance.

If you click to restore the amount to the first line, the cell will be empty and a red dot (images\override_shg.gif) will appear indicating the original entry of the cell has been overwritten. You can either right-click that dot to restore the linkage formula that came with the original credit note or you can indicate that you want to accept the override.

Footer information can be edited. To edit the layout of a footer, in the Freeze pane click the Header/Footer drop-down list and select the one to edit. The footers are at the bottom of the list.

The currency sign and underlines are floating and will adjust themselves automatically. You will be able to see them in the Print Preview only.