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Customizing Individual Credit Notes in CaseView

Some customization of the individual credit notes is possible at the billing stage. For example, an input line is available by clicking the Edit C/N button.

  1. On the Process menu, click Credit notes.
  2. Select the credit note number to customize.
  3. As applicable, modify the credit note date.
  4. Select the appropriate billing format. The preset billing formats provide the following:


    Use this billing format to display, "To credit you for the following:" on the credit note. To specify why the client is actually being credited, click the Edit C/N button to add an extended description to appear under this line on the credit note.


    No preset billing format text appears. Only amounts are displayed.

    Enter a description for each amount.

    All others

    Like the C/N format, these formats provide details of all charges included and the standard description as defined in the Billing Formats tab.

  5. Click the Edit C/N button to enter additional lines of information.
  6. Ensure that the amount of the credit note is entered correctly.
  7. Click images\cvppbut_shg.gif to modify the credit note using CaseView.