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-- How Do I? --

Editing Links

You can edit formulas to modify or correct Connector links in Word or Excel documents.

  • Ensure Connector can establish a connection to the source client file.

This procedure is different for DDE links and UDF links.

  1. Select the existing link in Excel or Word.
  2. Modify the function using:

    • The Linkage dialog by clicking .
    • The insert function dialog by clicking .
    • The calculation bar to manually modify the function.
  3. Review the resulting value.
  4. Apply the new link by clicking Accept () or OK.

Note: Copy/Pasting UDF links, while Use Client File opened in Working Papers for UDFs and Use Connector UDF are unchecked, may result in different behavior in Excel and Word.

  1. Select the existing link in Word or Excel.
  2. Access the Edit dialog:
    • In the Connector toolbar, click Tools | DDE Links | Edit DDE Link, or
    • Right-click and select Connector | Edit DDE Link.
  3. Modify the function as necessary. Ensure to use the syntax for DDE formulas.
  4. Click Recalculate to review the resulting value.
  5. Click OK.

The existing value is replaced with the value returned by the new formula. Ensure to click Accept () or OK to apply the changes.

Ensure to save your document after verifying the changes.