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Convert Dialog

The Convert dialog appears during the conversion process when the conversion tool identifies a link from one of the specified third-party applications. This topic outlines the fields and commands from this dialog.

Field Description
Old Formula Displays the formula of the unconverted link using the third-party functions for ProSystemFX, GoSystem or AuditVision.
New Formula Displays the formula of the converted link using the DDE functions for Connector. You can modify this field as necessary.
New Formula Result Displays the value as retrieved from the active Working Papers database.
Command Description
Find Next Moves to the next formula in the document.
Replace Replaces current instance of the formula.
Replace All Replaces all instances of the formula in the entire document.
Recalculate Displays the value after recalculation. Use this button to test changes when manually changing or updating a formula. The change is not applied to the document until the OK button is clicked.