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Converting Third-Party Links

You can convert documents that have links from other third-party applications to links that are compatible with Connector and Working Papers.

Using the conversion tool is similar to using the Find and Replace function from Word or Excel. Follow the instructions below.

  • For conversion from ProSystemFX, ensure to review the conversion table here.
  1. Open the document in Word or Excel from the Document Manager in Working Papers.
  2. On the Connector toolbar, click Tools | Convert | Third Party Formulas. The Convert dialog appears.
  3. Select the third-party application from the Convert From drop-down menu:
    • AuditVision
    • GoSystem
    • ProSystem

  4. Select DDE or UDF from the Convert To drop-down menu.
  5. Click OK. The conversion begins.
  6. The Convert dialog prompts you after a link is identified by the conversion tool.

    Perform one of the following actions:

    • Click Replace to convert the current link only or click Replace All to convert all links in this document.

    • Click Find Next to skip the current link. The old link is preserved and you can perform the conversion again at a later time.

    • If you are familiar with Connector formulas, modify the New Formula to link the correct data from Working Papers. Click Recalculate to refresh the results and accept the conversion.

    • Click Close to cancel the conversion.

  7. Close the Convert dialog after the conversion completes.

After the conversion completes, review the document to ensure all links return their appropriate values. You can perform the conversion again for any links you skipped during this procedure.

Ensure to save your document after verifying the changes.

For additional information about Connector formulas, see the topic here.

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