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-- How Do I? --

Annotating PDFs and Other Images

  1. Open the image or PDF document you want to annotate. Only images that open with Working Papers internal viewer can be annotated. For more information, see Inserting an image as a document.
  2. Right-click an area in the image where you want to place the annotation and select Annotate. The Image Annotation dialog opens.
  3. The annotation may either reference an existing document or be a generic (manual) reference, not linked to a document.For more information and procedures, see Document Reference or Manual Reference
  4. Click OK.


The annotation is added to the document and appears with a blue border, indicating that this is the currently selected annotation. If you selected the annotation function from the main menu or by clicking the Annotation button, the annotation appears in the top left corner of the document window. If you selected the annotation function by right-clicking, the annotation is positioned at the point of the click. You can edit an image annotation by right-clicking the annotation and selecting Properties.

You can move the annotation to anywhere within the body of the image document. Annotations cannot be placed in the header or footer. Click the annotation or near the annotation to change the cursor to a move cursor and then drag the annotation to its new annotation.

  • If the annotation contains a document reference, clicking the reference drills down to the document rather than selecting the annotation. To move to a new desired location, click near the annotation to change the cursor to a move cursor and then drag the annotation.
  • Notes are numbered in top to bottom order. If a note is moved or deleted, all notes are automatically renumbered.
  • If the image for a document has changed, all annotations in the original document are cleared.
  • Annotations will not be included when PDF or images are exported.


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