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Adding Document Issues or Line Issues

You can add document issues to raise a concern with the overall document or add line issues to mark a specific concern in the document.

This procedure is easy if you have the document open when you notice the issue.

  • For SmartSync users, ensure you are online and synchronizing with the parent file to make any changes available to other online users.

This procedure is performed while you have a document open.

  1. Right-click on the document or right-click on a line item and select:

    • Add Document Issue, or
    • Add Line Issue

    The New Issue dialog opens and you can specify details about the issue. The selected document is automatically associated with this issue.

  2. Complete the issue details to outline the concern or issue in the client file. >>Quick Reference

    • Subject*
    • Type
    • Assigned To
  3. If applicable, check options related to client file considerations. >>Quick Reference

    • Retain on cleanup
    • Roll Forward
  4. Set any options related to an issue's status. >>Quick Reference

    • Due on
    • Reminder
    • Time
  5. Click OK.

The issue is created for the document or document line item. You can view the issue from the:

  • Use the issue columns on the document manager to see document related issues.

  • Use the issue views to filter on newly created issues to track uncleared issues related to documents.

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