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Getting Started with Issues

Using issues during an engagement enables you to collaborate with multiple staff members to identify concerns or errors in the client file that can then be addressed during a review of the file.

An issue can be assigned to staff members and associated with documents or line items on documents. The general workflow for issues is illustrated in the workflow diagram below:

Note: See the overview topic for reviews here.


Staff members preparing documents and the file can perform their task using the Document Manager and Issues pane to track their workload and progress.

  • Review issues to determine if any documents require additional work and track progress.

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  • After addressing an issue in the client file, you can update the issue to indicate your progress or complete the issue to indicate the issue was resolved.

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Staff members reviewing documentation and the client file can monitor the progress of the engagement from the Document Manager and Issues pane.

  • You can add document issues to raise a concern with the overall document or add line issues to mark a specific concern in the document.

  • An issue can be cleared after it has been addressed in the client file, document, or on a line within a document.

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