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PEG Audit Profile - Compliance Practice Aid Forms

The Compliance Practice Aid Form profile includes “Compliance reporting (CSAE 3530 and CSAE 3531) forms used for engagements where a third party is requesting assurance on compliance with an agreement or specified authority. The application of the new standards is effective for compliance engagement where the compliance report is dated on or after April 1, 2019. It also includes either attestation or direct compliance engagements where either reasonable or limited assurance is being provided in a written report.”

This profile is designed for a simple engagement where CSAE 3530 and CSAE 3531 are required.

Where more guidance is required, additional documents can be added from a document library.

Compliance tools include:

  • Trial balance, journal entries and issues.
  • Optimiser checklist to remove documents based on checklist questions.
  • Materiality worksheet and key materiality information at the top of most documents.
  • Compliance work programs, letters and reports.

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