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Creating a partner and manager summary report

You can create additional reports with different options or generate the report at different times during the engagement. For example, a report can be generated after the planning stage and another near the end of the audit. You can also create additional partner and manager summary reports to show different sections of the report, such as Materiality only. Once generated, the contents of the partner and manager summary report will not change unless you regenerate the report. All comments made in the report will also be lost during the regeneration.

Once the report is complete, you may want to Save as PDF... from the CaseView File menu to capture the document at a particular time during the audit.

To create a new partner and manager summary report:

  1. From the Document Manager, open the New Master Documents folder.

  2. Right-click the NPMSD Partner and manager summary document and select Copy.

  3. Right-click the Completion Documents folder and select Paste.

  4. Right-click the new document and select Properties.

  5. Change the document Number and Name in the General tab and click OK.

  6. Open the new document and Configure as required.

  7. Click to Generate the report.

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