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Checklist Columns

When working in a checklist at the engagement level, various information is included for completion by the accountant. Columns and their related names appear as defined by the Author. Names may appear different from below and not all columns may be set to display for a particular checklist. The columns found in the checklists are as follows:

Column Description


Displays procedures that have been added to the checklist. A procedure has three possible levels. The numbering structure of these levels is predefined and cannot be modified.


Select the result by using the drop-down menu and selecting the appropriate response. If "Other" is selected, a comment box will appear below to type the response.

When the result automatically opens and a comment box appears and sign off checkbox in the By column is not shown, there must be a description provided to explain the result in detail before the procedure can be signed-off. If no notes have been entered, a message appears when attempting to sign off a response stating, "Please provide an explanation".


  • Once a procedure is signed off, the result comment text can still be changed.


Select the checkbox in the "By" column signs off the procedure. This automatically enters the user ID and the current date into the appropriate fields.


  • If the date does not show, it may have been turned off by your firm in AO – General Options.

  • User ID and current date may appear below the procedure if the author / user changed the display preference from Options menu Display Procedure Sign Off Below Procedures.


Displays a document reference link to a related working papers document . Double-clickif there are no references linked or right-click on procedure and select Insert New Reference.

Procedure Allocation

Displays the user to which the procedure has been assigned. This column is displayed only if procedure allocation has been enabled in the client file.

If the firm author has added procedure tags to procedures or sub procedures in this checklist, a Tag indicator appears to the right of the Modified Date column. Hover over this indicator to display a tooltip that lists the tags that have been added to the procedure or sub procedure.


  • If the Notes row is turned on in the checklist, an input box will appear below the procedure for notes.

  • If there is an issue an indicator will appear next to the Ref. column of the procedure it refers to. A red diamond indicates there is no issue assigned - click on the indicator to open the New Issue dialog. A yellow triangle indicates an issue is assigned. A yellow diamond with a red check mark indicates an issue appears in the Partner and Manager Summary document (PMSD). These indicators will only show when the Work Program Responses are used and tied into the AO – General Options document.

  • A risk assigned to a procedure will appear at the end of the row. It will become red if printed. If the link is clicked, it will launch the Edit Risk dialog.

  • If author has put in any authoritative references on the procedure, it will appear at the end of the row with procedure associated risks. Clicking on the authoritative reference will jump to the reference URL if set.

This online help system applies to all Caseware Audit, Review and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.