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Setting Default Print Options

  1. On the Document tab, click Settings, and click Print.
  2. Select the print options that will be selected by default in the Print dialog each time the document is printed. If necessary, options selected by default can be cleared in the Print dialog for an individual print job.

    Changed cell value mark

    Cells that have been modified are underlined in the printed document. Use this option to review changes to the financial statements.


    A list of diagnostics prints following the document.

    If selecting Diagnostics, this option cannot be deselected in the Print dialog. Selecting this option ensures that diagnostics always print with the document.

    Override indicator

    A dot prints automatically as an override indicator in any cells that have an overridden condition.

    Rounding indicator

    A set of vertical bars automatically prints in any cell with rounding relations associated with it. Rounding relations can be set up on the Tools tab, click Rounding.

    Bars display as | || or ||| for cells 1, 2 or 3 defined in the Rounding dialog.

  3. Click OK.

  • Under Changed cell value mark, entering a condition in the Print Condition box limits when the changed cell value mark prints.

    For example, a check box could be created in the document in cell number C117. Entering the print condition: c117=1 instructs CaseView if the cell is checked the red underlines print, and if it is not, they do not.

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