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Print preview a document

On the File tab, click Print, and then click Print Preview. Do one of the following:

  • To bypass the Print dialog and quickly print the document, click Quick Print.
  • To configure the settings in the Print dialog before printing, click Quick Print and select Print.
  • Left-click anywhere in the document to zoom in on it, and right-click to zoom out. Documents can be previewed from 33% to 200% of their original size. The zoom is disabled when selecting the "All pages" view. The scrollwheel can be used to navigate through the document's pages.
  • To view more than one page at a time, select the desired option from the View Type drop-down menu. To view a customized number of pages, select Multiple Pages and then select the number of pages wide and the number of pages high you wish to display from the accompanying pull-downs. Select Wide Tables to display documents containing wide tables with the proper headers and footers.
  • To exit the Print Preview and return to the document, click Close or press Esc.

Note: Print Preview will remember the last zoom settings used and return to that view when opened.

Navigate the print preview using keyboard keys and icons on the Print Preview tab.

Keyboard Keys Description

Page Up / Down

Move up or down one page in the print preview

Up / Down Arrow

Move up or down one line in the print preview

Icons Description

Print the document directly, bypassing the standard Print dialog.

Navigate the first nine pages of the document, by clicking the corresponding number to go to that page.

View skipped text in the Print Preview screen. Displays all skipping paragraphs marked Hide if show button is not pressed when a check mark appears beside the Skipped text command.

Set the zoom level to 100%

Sets the zoom level such that all pages currently on display will fit on screen. This allows you to preview an entire page at a time and to avoid having to scroll to the right or left to view text at the edges of the page.

Instantly move to any page in the document by typing its page number. CaseView indicates the maximum page number for each document.

Quickly go to the first page of your document.

Move back in the document one page.

Move forward in the document one page

Quickly go to the last page of your document.

Select how many pages should be visible in the print preview window.

If Multiple Pages is selected in the page view list, the option to select a number of pages, horizontal by vertical, becomes available.

Launch the print preview help.

Close the print preview.


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