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Printing on Both Sides

  1. To set up duplex or double-sided printing, click File | Print | Page Setup.
  2. In the Document Options section is the control for printing on both sides. Select one of these four choices:
    • Printer Default: The document will use the options for double-sided printing the user has set up for the printer through the Control Panel, Printers and Faxes option. (To review the printer's settings, in Windows click Start | Control Panel | Devices and Printers).
    • None: The document will print on one side of the page only.
    • Flip on Long Edge: The document will print double-sided and the pages will flip on the long edge. This is the choice normally made when the pages are printed in Portrait orientation.
    • Flip on Short Edge: the document will print double-sided and the pages will flip on the short side. This is most commonly used when printing pages in Landscape orientation.
  3. Configure the margins. A new option in the Page Setup dialog allows you to choose the type of margins you want, and to use them for the entire document, from a given page forward, or on only the current page.

    The default selection is normal margins which means that all pages are printed with the same left margins and the same right margins throughout the document.

    The new selection is to mirror margins. If selected, the left margin becomes the "Inside" margin and the right margin will becomes the "Outside" margin. When printing pages on both sides that are to be bound, this lets the user specify a wider margin and account for the space needed on the inside of the page for the binding.

  • This feature is not directly related to Even/Odd headers and footers. If you use the latter in combination with Mirror margins, they should work very well together, but you don't need to use a header to get mirror margins and you don't need mirror margins in order to get different headers on odd and even pages.

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