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Function Argument - Balance_Type

The following can be used to define the type of balances required by a linkage formula:

Balance type Balance abbreviation
Unadjusted Balance BU
Adjusted Balance BA
Report Balance BR
Consolidated Balance BC
Consolidated Balance + Tax - Federal Adjustments BTC
Consolidated Balance + Tax - State Adjustments BTS
Consolidated Balance + Tax - City Adjustments BTC
Budget Balance BB
Forecast Balance BF
Federal Tax Balance BT
Normal Adjustments AN
Eliminating Adjustments AE
Reclassifying Adjustments AR
Unrecorded Factual Adjustments AU
Unrecorded Projected Adjustments AL
Unrecorded Judgmental Adjustments AG
Federal Tax Adjustments AF
State Tax Adjustments AS
City Tax Adjustments AC
Other Basis Adjustments AB
Custom Balance


Where, xx, represents the custom balance identifier.