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Function Argument - Budget, Forecast, and Custom Balances

Note: xx refers to the custom balance identifier as specified in Working Papers.

Balance type Budget balance Forecast balance Custom balance
Unadjusted Balance BBU FBU CxxU
Adjusted Balance BBA FBA CxxA
Report Balance BBR FBR CxxR
Consolidated Balance BBC FBC CxxC
Federal Tax Balance BBT FBT CxxT
Normal Adjustments AN:ADJB AN:ADJF AN:ADJCxx
Eliminating Adjustments AE:ADJB AE:ADJF AE:ADJCxx
Reclassifying Adjustments AR:ADJB AR:ADJF AR:ADJCxx
Unrecorded Factual Adjustments AU:ADJB AU:ADJF AU:ADJCxx
Unrecorded Projected Adjustments AL:ADJB AU:ADJF AU:ADJCxx
Unrecorded Judgmental Adjustments AG:ADJB AG:ADJF AG:ADJCxx
Federal Tax Adjustments AF:ADJB AF:ADJF AF:ADJCxx
State Tax Adjustments AS:ADJB AS:ADJF AC:ADJCxx
City Tax Adjustments AC:ADJB AC:ADJF AC:ADJCxx
Other Basis Adjustments AB:ADJB AB:ADJF AB:ADJCxx