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Function Arguments

The arguments that display in Excel's Function Arguments dialog will vary depending on the function selected.

Argument Description Example
account_number An account number "101"

A class identification number

A complete list is available here.


A CLP code

A complete listing of CLP codes can be found in the help topic About CLP codes.

For the Operating Name of the linked client file, enter "CLP2"
expression A mathematical expression 5*2
form A form name in the CaseView Database, used in conjunction with GROUP and Identifier "DISTRICT"
group A group name in the CaseView Database, used in conjunction with FORM and Identifier "AREA"
group_id A Working Papers group/leadsheet ID "AA"
group_number A Working Papers group/leadsheet number "1"
id An identifier in the CaseView Database, used in conjunction with GROUP and FORM "ALPHACELL"
map_number A map number "2115"

The type of balance requested

A complete listing of balance types can be found in the help topic Balance Types.

database_identifier A universal argument


column_heading A universal argument  
row_identifier A universal argument  
tax_export_code A tax export code "7125"
user_defined_code A user defined data code in CaseView "UD1"
entity_id Represents the ID code (abbreviation) for the entity entered in the Entity Properties dialog of the consolidated file "ABC"

Client File Path or GUID

Note: Hard-coded links, where the client_file argument is specified, are not modified during a copy template or year-end close in the Working Papers file. If a new file is created after a year end close, the link paths will need to be modified to point to the new file.

"C:\Program Files\CaseWare\Data\Samp01"
document_number The document number "FS"

0 - The report heading

1 - The extended description

2 - The extended description if it exists, otherwise the report heading