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The CaseWare Working Papers import feature allows you to import your client's data into Working Papers from other accounting and working paper software, from an existing Working Papers client file, and from external files in any of the supported formats. To import client data from desktop accounting software into CaseWare Cloud, use the CaseWare Cloud Import Utility.

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  • The import feature is the fastest method to transfer your client’s data into the Working Papers file. Working Papers allows you to import general ledger detail or trial balance information from a variety of popular accounting software packages. In addition to importing from popular accounting applications, Working Papers allows you to import from other trial balance software and working paper packages. If you need to transfer data from an application for which a specific import is not available, you can still import the data by saving it in an ASCII text format and then using the ASCII text import feature.

  • CaseWare Working Papers allows you to import data from ASCII text files and Excel files. The import process for both types of files involves completing an Import Wizard, which will extract the data that you would like to import into Working Papers and makes this information available in your Working Papers file.

  • Working Papers can import from ASCII text files and Excel files. To perform an import of either type, you must go through the applicable import wizard. Both the ASCII Import Wizard and the Excel Import Wizard follow a similar import process.

  • Use the ProSystem fx Engagement Import Wizard to import client files from ProSystem fx Engagement into Working Papers.

  • Since the ProSystem fx Engagement databases uses the SQL data engine, the import into Working Papers requires that another installation of SQL Server exists on the local workstation being used to run the import.

  • When you want to import data from certain accounting software applications but do not have the accounting software installed or have access to its database, you must have a version of SQL Server installed on the computer you are using for the import.

  • On some Windows operating systems, users with limited rights cannot import into Working Papers from any software that uses the Pervasive/Btrieve engine. To overcome this security constraint, you must modify the PVSW folder to give full permissions to the limited user before importing.

  • After an import, Working Papers creates a document called cmpchart.txt and saves it in the client directory.

  • When you are importing ASCII text files or Excel files into Working Papers, you should be aware of the character limits and record length limits imposed by Working Papers.