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SmartSync Setup

Setup SmartSync to access a parent file on the network, or on Cloud. For off-site teams, sync to a peer-to-peer parent in the field.

Note: Before going offsite, create a synchronized copy of the Top Level Engagement File.

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For an offline version of Peer to Peer Synchronization help, download the following:

Peer to Peer Synchronization Quick Start Guide Peer to Peer Synchronization Using an External Drive with a Built-In Router

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  • SmartSync does not allow multiple users to access the top-level parent file when in a SmartSync session. Instead, each user should create their own local sync copy.

  • Enable protection in a SmartSync file to better control user access.

  • Certain file types must not be added to the document manager of a synchronized file.

  • This feature enables you to set the synchronization behavior of CaseView and other external documents, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF.

  • Using SmartSync over a Citrix/Terminal Server is beneficial for reducing network bandwidth and improving performance.

  • Where access to the top-level parent file is not available, such as out in the field, user peer to peer synchronization to connect and synchronize an offsite SmartSync peer.

  • Before working off-site, ensure the team workstations are ready for peer-to-peer networking.