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You can choose the maintenance features that you want to use in your client file. The maintenance features use the Maintenance Wizard and the Repair File, Diagnostics, and Back Up commands. Each of these provide you with different options for maintaining your file ensuring that your client file is clean, error free, and up to date.

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  • Working Papers has many features to help maintain your client files. Use the maintenance features to clean out unused account and user setting information, repair files, create backup files, restore backup files, and run diagnostics to fix out of balance entries.

  • The Maintenance Wizard takes you through common maintenance procedures, providing the option to run maintenance routines. The primary purpose of the wizard is to clean out unused accounts and user setting information within client files.

  • The Repair File tool is a maintenance feature that fixes damaged and corrupt files within Working Papers client files. This feature should be performed routinely as a normal maintenance procedure.

  • You can select the documents, for which to undo the check out, based on the document or on the user who checked them out. If items in the current client file have been checked out, the Welcome screen of the Maintenance Wizard gives the option to undo these checkouts.

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  • In the Advanced options of the Repair File dialog, there are two panes of databases. On the left is a list of databases able to be reindexed while on the right is a list of databases able to be renumbered.