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Imports and SQL Server

If you want to import data from certain accounting software, but you do not have the software installed or you can't access its database, you can perform the import by installing a local SQL Server instance on your workstation.

The following software requires a local SQL Server instance:

The SQL Server version must meet or exceed the version that was used to create the import files.

After installing SQL Server, you'll need to install the Backward Compatibility Components in the same bitness as your SQL Server (64-bit for x64 servers).

To install SQL Server Backward Compatibility Components:

  1. Visit Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Server Pack 2 Feature Pack.
  2. Expand the Install Instructions menu.
  3. Navigate to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components.
  4. Click the linked package in the same bitness as your SQL Server.
  5. Download the file, then run it on your workstation.

The necessary components are installed.


  • Ensure that you can log on as a system administrator and that the convert data path and all data files are in a local path.
  • Since ProSystem fx Engagement databases use the SQL data engine, it requires its own instance of the SQL Server. To prevent modifications to the SQL Server instance and the functionality of the program itself, we recommend installing an independent SQL Server instance on your machine prior to importing into Working Papers.

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