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Comparison Report

After an import, Working Papers creates a comparison document called the Comparison Report. It will appear after the import has been processed. The report will be named cmpchart.txt and is available in the client directory. The exact locations is indicated in the report on screen.

The cmpchart.txt file includes comparisons between the following fields of the two files:

  • Account Number
  • Account Description
  • Type
  • Sign
  • Mapping No.
  • Leadsheet
  • Group 2
  • Group 3
  • Group 4

Additional information in the cmpchart.txt file includes the user name of the individual who performed the import, the source file, and the import type.

Note: The comparison does not check any changes in account balances.

For each subsequent import, the information is inserted at the top of the existing file. Each import is separated from the previous by a dashed line and begins with the import date. If an import is done a second time from the same software, Working Papers will create the comparison document to indicate the changes between the two import versions. When the import is completed, a dialog appears that contains the contents of the cmpchart.txt file along with the full path location of the file.

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