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Detailed Audit Response

Each of the work programs contains a planning area for use in designing a work program that responds to assessed risks at both the financial statement and assertion level. This area is used to document the nature and extent of planned audit procedures.

Alternative formats for the detailed audit response area may have been made available by your firm.

To make it easier to work in the document once the detailed audit response is inserted into a work program, the area can be collapsed or hidden.

If the firm has elected to include the audit response columns in the FSA – Financial statement areas worksheet (set in AO – General options), parts of the detailed audit response will be filled out automatically instead of manually in the work program. The work should be done in the FSA – Financial statement areas worksheet which should have been completed during the planning stage of your audit engagement, which then will populate the detailed audit response.

Indicator buttons may be shown in front of the detailed audit response based on the procedure group/sub group associated with the procedures included in the work program:

  • will be shown if procedures exist in the work program that may not be necessary, and you may be doing too much work.
  • will be shown if there are any necessary procedures missing in the work program that are critical information for your engagement.

This online help system applies to all Caseware Audit, Review and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.