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Check for Updates

As an alternative to the automatic updating of procedures in engagement files, you can use Check for Updates to update procedures in your work program and checklist documents. Depending on the settings set by your firm, performing a Check for Updates will either update procedures automatically or will require you to manually update procedures. In either case, after procedures have been updated, you must turn off the Check for Updates state to continue using the document for your engagement.

To initiate the update process within a work program or checklist document, select Check for Updates from the Document menu. When updating manually, the check for updates allows you to compare the procedures included in your client file with the new content provided in the content library. Procedures set by your firm as "required" will always be automatically updated and added to your document. Messages appear throughout the update process advising you of the options.

To turn off the Check for Updates state and use the document in your engagement, unselect Check for Updates from the Document menu.

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