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Creating Work Programs

In certain engagements, customized work programs may be necessary.

New Work Program

  1. On the Document Manager, click on the location (document or folder) where you would like to add the Work Program.

  2. Click the Work Program button on the Template toolbar to create a new Work Program.

  3. Complete the for the new work program and click OK.

  4. Customize the new work program and then save it. It will be assigned a document identifier and a position on the document manager automatically.

Work Program based on Master Document Library

  1. From the Working Papers menu, select Document |From Document Library.
  2. In the Source box, select the desired source, specifically the master template.
  3. Highlight the desired work programs and either click Add or drag and drop them onto the Document Manager.

For more information on Document Libraries, see the Working Papers help topic Document Library.


  • If you cut and paste content from another document, the formatting will be corrected when you Save the document.

  • Copying a document from the Master Template Document Library does not override the engagement file’s loaded Profile.

This online help system applies to all Caseware Audit, Review and Compilation products. Not all features are available in all products.