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Procedure Highlighting

The Display Highlight Options feature in the Document menu allows you to review procedures highlighted for various states. Highlighting can be done for any document that you do not wish to immediately update but wish to know if the procedures are out of date. This is particularly useful for firms that have set the Check for Updates to automatically update some or all procedures.

When selected, highlighting will mark specific procedures with a distinctive color and outline style. This helps to identify changes made at the engagement level that are important to review. Procedures can have multiple highlights (for example, the procedure can be updated AND edited) and highlights can overlap. Turning the different options on and off ensures that you do not miss any state that may be overlapped and therefore hard to see.

Highlighting can be specified for the following:

Item Description Highlight Color

Updated Procedures

Procedures updated through check for updates.

Inserted Procedures

Procedures inserted after the document was initially created.

Edited Procedures

Procedures edited from the original content.

Out of Date Procedures

Procedures where there is a more current version available in the content library.

Procedures Removed from Content Library

Procedures that exist in the client file but have been removed from the content library, as they are no longer necessary.

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