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Timer Toolbar

Displays or hides the TimerToolbar as needed. The Timer toolbar provides an easy way to accurately track your Time.

To Click
Set up a new timer

(or click Tools | Timer | Add Timer)

Start or resume timing

Switch between timers.

Record time to the time sheet (Time Entries dialog)

Pause timing (e.g., when you are interrupted.)

Terminate the timing.

A warning will notify the user that the information will be deleted.

Open the Timer dialog in order to change the settings for the current timer.

  • These control buttons are also available from the Timer dialog (Tools | Timer | Add Timer or Current Timer).

The Timer tool bar control buttons (Start, Pause, Record time and Stop buttons) show the status of the selected timer.

When the timer buttons look like: It means:

The current timer is running.

All fields in the Timer dialog have been filled out, but the Start button has not been pushed.

The current timer is paused. To restart, click the Start button.
  • An unlimited number of timers can run simultaneously at any time.
  • The selector and the timer button are grayed out if there is no timer set up. The timer most recently set up or selected is displayed in the Timer Selector until another is selected.