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History Manager Toolbar command

Displays or hides the Time History Manager Toolbar as needed. The History Manager toolbar is a file selector toolbar that permits you to open other Time data files quickly from a list.

You must have at least one file beside the current one added to the History Manager in order to have access to this toolbar. In addition, only those files entered in the History Manager are available from this toolbar.

  • To open another file, select the file from the list.
  • To hide the tool bar, click the View menu, select Toolbars and deselect History Manager.

This toolbar can be moved as needed. To move a toolbar onto the active window, click and drag the toolbar to the desired location. Toolbars that are moved away from the menu bar act as floating toolbars that are always "on top" when opening or closing document windows.

images\mgr_bar_shg.gif History Manager Toolbar