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About Tab Markers

  • Avoid pressing Tab or Spacebar numerous times to indent text or cells.
  • When creating or modifying tab markers, make sure to select all of the paragraphs that should be affected by the change so that all of the tab settings can be changed at the same time.

    For example, if creating a current year column in the Assets section of the Balance Sheet, select all of the paragraphs in this section and then apply the tab marker. In this way the tab marker is common to each paragraph or line in the Assets section of the Balance Sheet and therefore the current year column is aligned correctly.

  • Tabs are part of paragraph formatting. Tab markers extend only as far as the document selection. If the insertion point is positioned in one paragraph, and the horizontal ruler is clicked, one tab marker for one paragraph is set.
  • Once tab markers are set for one paragraph, pressing Enter or Return to start a new line continues all paragraph formatting including tab markers to the next paragraph.

There are two steps involved when setting tabs:

  1. Setting tab markers on the horizontal ruler.
  2. Aligning text or cells underneath the tab marker by pressing the TAB key.

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