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Tools Tab

Note: Available commands vary based on the editing mode selected.

Recalculates the entire document.

Toggles whether changes to cells and related objects will trigger a recalculation of the document.

Toggles automatically inserted page breaks throughout the document.

In Form Mode, you can toggle rounding for the document.

In Design Mode, the Rounding dialog opens to configure rounding settings and rounding relations.

Turns the rounding relations feature on or off while in the Form Mode (with or without editing enabled). This feature will work only if the Allow disabling of rounding relations in the Form Mode option in the Rounding dialog (see the Rounding command help for more information) is enabled.

Note: Only available in Form Mode.

In Form Mode, the Section Sort dialog opens to sort the section.

In Design Mode, you can select to sort various components of the document.

Launches the Linkage Worksheet to link account information from the accounting database to a cell in CaseView.

Opens the Calculation Tool dialog to see an overview of any cells that are connected to the selected cell.

Opens the Calculation Organizer dialog to easily view and edit the document's calculations.

Opens the Image Manager where images are stored and categorized.

Access the repository.

Manage Repository

Opens the Manage Repository dialog to view the repositories available.

Refresh Repository Cache

Updates all repository entries.

Opens the User Defined Data dialog to enter information client specific information in user defined fields. This saves retyping information that you must enter repeatedly.

Run or configure diagnostics for the current document.


Opens the Diagnostics Lists dialog to perform automatic diagnostics.


Opens the Diagnostics Configuration dialog to set parameters for running diagnostics in both the Design and the Form Modes.

Opens the Configure Browses dialog.

Access eXtensible Business Reporting Language features for the document.

XBRL Global Settings...

Opens the XBRL for Financial Statements dialog to configure the XBRL version and taxonomy.


Opens the XBRL for Financial Statements dialog to prepare the document for XBRL tagging by ensuring the taxonomy is configured correctly.


Opens the XBRL for Financial Statements dialog to review the tags that you have applied and refine the metadata included in each applied tag.

If protection is enabled in Working Papers, this command will display information about the current active user.

Opens the Global Font Change dialog to perform a find/replace for font settings in the document.

If you are in a section that allows copies, the Auto Copy Text dialog will display to select which auto copy text should be inserted in the document.

Opens the Application Options dialog to configure various global settings.