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About Tables

Tables allow information to be organized and easily formatted. Rather than working with tabs on the Horizontal Ruler, or using manual spacing to line up columns of information, tables provide an intuitive interface for document formatting. They can also be used to save a document designer a considerable amount of work. For example, when building the Balance Sheet, it is necessary to link several lines of information in the same way for the various accounts. Using a table, this linkage and formatting may be built for the first row and then copied to create multiple rows below. Linkage calculations for these rows may just need a minor update to change the applicable account/map number for each row.

Skip and Hide conditions may be applied to table components (as well as the table as a whole). This allows for information such as note number references or the prior year balance column to be hidden with a single mouse click. Click here for an example of how to hide information using a checkbox.

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