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Preparing to Use Permissions

CaseView requires a combination of both Working Papers or Time and CaseView security features to implement document or section permissions. The following steps must be completed:

  • Activate the protection feature in Working Papers or Time by accessing the Tools tab, clicking Protection and selecting Turn Protection On.
  • While in Working Papers or Time, create "user groups" with defined CaseView access levels and then assign staff members to the appropriate user groups. Each user group can have an assigned CaseView access level from 1 to 10. The access level controls access to the Design Mode when it is locked and permissions are established.
  • Establish permissions in CaseView using the corresponding access levels created in Working Papers or Time. How?

    For example, managers of the firm in charge of changing documents in CaseView could be assigned to a Working Papers or Time user group called "Manager" with a CaseView access level of 5. Other staff members who are required to provide only completion information in the Form Mode could be assigned to a user group called "Staff" with an access level of 3. When setting up permissions in CaseView, use a minimum access level of 5 for each operation performed by managers. Users with access levels lower than 5 are automatically restricted from performing operations in the Design Mode.

  • Lock the Design Mode. How?

Please note that it is not imperative to establish permissions in CaseView. The default for each document element is Operation Prohibited. Therefore, locking the Design Mode without establishing permissions restricts access to all document areas in the Design Mode.

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