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Retrieving a Backup Copy of The Document

Every time you click Save on the File tab, CaseView creates a backup copy containing the previous version of the file before saving. If something happens to your file or you discover that you've made a large error, you have the option of restoring the backup copy of the file provided that the automatic save feature was not on.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Locate the CaseView document.
  3. Either rename or move the document with the filename extension .cvw, instead of simply deleting it. This is the CaseView document you want to replace. If the file is deleted the replacement process cannot be reversed if you change your mind about using the .bak file.
  4. Locate the backup document. The backup document has the same name as the original document with a Filename extension .bak. For example if your document is called SIMPLEFS, locate the file called SIMPLEFS.bak.
  5. Click the backup document to select it for renaming. Don't double-click it because CaseView cannot open a .BAK file directly.
  6. On the File tab, click Rename.
  7. Rename the Filename extension .bak to .cvw. For example if your backup file is called SIMPLEFS.bak, rename it to SIMPLEFS.cvw.

CaseView does auto-save files if you set that feature. An auto-saved file is suffixed with ".cv$". If you do not use the above method, following a crash CaseView will automatically ask you if you want to continue with the file you were working on.

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