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Document Tab

Note: Available commands vary based on the editing mode selected.

Opens the Document Settings dialog to configure global document settings.

Locks areas of the document. After selecting an area to lock, you are prompted to enter a password and confirm it. Once locked, a checkmark will appear in the drop-down menu to indicate a lock is enabled.

CaseView Mode

Locks/unlocks any CaseView Mode.

Knowledge Library Links Updates

Locks/unlocks knowledge library links updates.

XBRL Tagging

Locks/unlocks XBRL Tagging.

Opens the Compare dialog to perform a type of comparison. You can compare to a milestone, another file, or information linked from a knowledge library to its source.

Opens the Spell Checker dialog to view, correct, or ignore spelling errors.

Inserts a hyphenation suggestion.

Opens the Note Number Style dialog to create and modify styles for note numbering pools.

Opens the Tabs dialog to modify the properties of a tab stop.

Opens the History dialog to view the access and modification history of the document including any milestones.

Opens the Create New Milestone dialog to create a new milestone.

In Form Mode, the Header/Footer dialog opens, which allows you to edit an existing header or footer.

In Design Mode, you can use the Header/Footer dialog to create a new header or footer.

Opens the Attach Header/Footer dialog to attach a header and/or footer to the current page.

Accesses the Knowledge Libraries linked to the document and replaces data in the linked areas with updated information from the Knowledge Libraries.

Removes outdated or unused links to knowledge library documents.

This option is only available in Form mode and allows clients without access to Design mode the option of reverting overridden cells to their original values or clearing the value change flags (red underline) from view.

Note: Only available in Form Mode.

Toggles the currency/unit symbol for selected cells.

Sums the selected numeric cells. The calculated total can be pasted into another cell in the document.

Opens the Cells Options dialog to adjust global cell options such as dash position for cells with a zero value, or cell underline styles.

Opens the Cell Group Edit dialog to change any cell group properties that have been made modifiable in the Form Mode.

Changes the group for current cell selection