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Preparing a Document for Form Mode

The following explains the areas the Designer should consider when preparing the document for use in the Form Mode.

Creating Input Cells

Permits the User to input completion information into cells.

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Creating a Popup List

Permits the User to select from a list of items. To open a popup cell quickly in the Form Mode, hold Alt and press the down arrow key.

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Creating Bookmarks

Permits the User to access areas of the document using a list of bookmarks.

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Creating Diagnostics

Alerts the User to areas in the document that are not functioning properly.

Tools | Diagnostics | Configure

Designing the Expanding Input Paragraph

Permits the User to input an unlimited amount of automatically wrapped text.

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Enabling Access to User Defined Information

Permits modification of User defined information in the Form Mode. Any cell calculations involving UD data will be updated accordingly. The User may not assign User defined information to input cells.

Tools | User Defined Data

Enabling Rounding

Allows the User to determine whether rounding should be applied in the Form Mode. The User may not change rounding parameters.

Tools | Rounding

Enabling Sorting

Sets parameters for sorting alphabetically or numerically in the Form Mode.

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Hiding Skipped Text

Sets parameters for viewing skipped text in the Form Mode.

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Locking Access to the Design Mode

Restricts access to the Design Mode by the use of a password defined by the Designer.

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Setting Up Group Tabs

Facilitates column positioning and display only columns in the Form Mode.

Document | Cell Group

Using Cell Groups

Controls access to cell formatting in the Form Mode.

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