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About Sections

CaseView Sections allow for changes to portions of the document consisting of multiple paragraphs, tables, charts, or even the entire document. An area of the document may be a member of several sections, each dictating a portion of the overall setup of that area. Sections are useful for skipping/hiding large areas of content at once or shading portions of the document, drawing borders around it, etc.

Sections also form the foundation for many of CaseView's other functions such as Carry Forward Headers and Footers, Knowledge Library Links, and Smart Underlines and Currency Symbols. Using a Section Sort, clients are able to move areas of the document around at the click of a button rather than manually cutting and pasting. And Section Headers are available to allow users to specify content which should always be onscreen, regardless of where in the section the cursor currently rests. Hiding and skipping a section allows a client to build multiple versions of the same document component, such as the Notice to Reader, and hide/show the appropriate letter for the current client.

As well, CaseView allows for multiple levels of section assignments. For example, a row in the Balance Sheet may be a member of the Current Assets section, the Assets section, the Balance Sheet section, and a section that spans the entire document. With the exception of Section Sorting, there are no technical considerations to building this form of structure.

As a fully customizable, easily manipulated assortment of properties, Sections are a fundamental component of CaseView.

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