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The Freeze Pane

A quick edit area is available at the top of each page, the Freeze pane. The Freeze pane provides quick access to the types of modifications accessed most often in CaseView.

The options available change according to the document type being edited and whether you are making a global change (having come into CaseView from the Time Company Profile) or a change to a single document (having accessed CaseView from a processing dialog in Time). In each document's Freeze area, rest your cursor over the button or popup box to get a short description of the editing possible with that feature.

The freeze displays in the Form and Edit modes. The settings in the freeze affect the entire document. It does not appear on printouts of the document.

Detailed explanations of each choice in the Freeze are available.

First click the answer to "How did you launch CaseView?"

  • From the Company Profile (for global changes, affecting all documents of the same type);
  • From a Processing Dialog, like the Billings from WIP, Miscellaneous Invoice or Credit Note dialog (for changes to a single copy of a document);
  • From the Document Manager (for changes to a letter, label or envelope).