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Designing Your Credit Notes

Please be aware before editing the CaseView credit note that any editing done from the Company Profile | Credit notes tab is a global change to the credit note. Any credit note generated from the Process | Credit notes dialog is in this format.

  1. On the File menu, click Company Profile.
  2. Click the Credit notes tab.
  3. Under Company Header One, specify the information you want to appear in the main header of credit notes. If you use your own letterhead, select None in the Name box and clear the applicable check boxes. Note that the logo, if selected, will appear only on CaseView credit notes.
  4. In the Design section, select check boxes to extra lines and other information you want to appear in the body of the credit note.
  5. In the section Credit Notes Defaults, specify the default format for credit notes. When creating a credit note, this format is automatically selected and can be modified as necessary.
  6. Under Footer One, specify the information you want to appear in the main footer of credit notes. In the Footer boxes, enter any customized text.
  7. Use the Wording of Text section to specify the appearance of numbers for the Credit note number.
  8. Click the Edit Credit Note button to launch CaseView and view or modify the credit note.

You can make any necessary modifications in the Credit notes tab and your changes are automatically reflected in CaseView.


  • If you are designing with CaseView and you make a mistake or you are unhappy with the results, click Edit | Undo. You can also ignore changes by closing the document or exiting CaseView without saving.

    If you've already saved your changes, go back to the Credit Notes tab in Time and click Restore Credit note. This will return the credit note to the credit note template supplied with the demo file.