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About Sorting

Sections of a document can be sorted in alphabetical or currency value order. For example, you could sort the expense section of the income statement in alphabetical order. Alternatively, this section could be sorted by amount in descending order based on the current year values. When sorting within a table, you can sort text or cells in one column or in several columns. CaseView can also rearrange paragraphs in the specified order.

Tables and paragraphs can also be sorted together within a section. When using text as a sort key, the table's first paragraph is used as the source data for comparison. In all other cases, the table is treated as a single paragraph when it is sorted.

CaseView offers different methods of sorting:

Note: You can create sort groups within a document to sort a specific part of any section or table. Two or more sort groups can form a Link Set and be made to behave alike when sorted. See About Sort Groups for more information.

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