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About Issues

The Issues list allows the user to create, view and manage issues associated with the current CaseView document.

To view the Issues list, on the View tab, click Issues. The Issues pane opens.

Issues can be added to different levels of CaseView:

To a document

Right click anywhere within the document

To a Section

Right click on any paragraph within a section that has both a label and is bookmarked. Note: If the paragraph selected is part of more than one section that is both labeled and bookmarked, the menu lists all the sections associated with the paragraph and allows for the selection of the one with which the issue is associated.

To a paragraph

Right click on a paragraph that has a tag. Unlabelled paragraphs cannot have Issues added to them. To add a tag to paragraph, select the paragraph, and on the Home tab, click Paragraph, and then click the Tag tab to add a label.

To a cell

Right click on the cell.


Once an area has an issue added to it, CaseView allows the user to drilldown to the area associated with the issue. If an issue is added to a cell that occurs more than once in a document or to any paragraph or section with a label that occurs more than once, the drilldown may not work properly.

To drilldown to an issue in CaseView document, locate the issue on the Issue Pane. Right-click and select Drill Down from the menu. If the issue is in the current document, CaseView displays the area associated with the issue and marks the area with a red mark.

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