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About Permissions

When the Design Mode is locked, there are several areas of document modification that the User is either permitted or restricted from performing.

  • Global operations include rounding, page breaks, configuring diagnostics, cell options, functions with knowledge library links, and page setup changes.
  • Cell operations include modification of cell calculations on the Equation bar, modification of cell attributes, and the deletion of cells.
  • Paragraph operations include modification of paragraph contents, paragraph formatting attributes, and paragraph skip or hide conditions.
  • Table operations include adding or deleting rows and columns, and affecting the row or column logic or formatting.
  • Section operations include changing section formatting or logic.
  • Other operations include inserting a new knowledge library link, table of contents and sub documents.

    Each operation can be assigned one of the following criteria:

  • Operation not restricted,
  • Minimum access level required, or
  • Operation prohibited.

Permissions can be set for the whole document or portions of the document using section formatting. Section permissions take precedence over document permissions and are the most effective in protecting the integrity of the document. For example, modification of cell calculations could be permitted for the Other Expenses portion of the Income Statement but restricted for the remainder of the document.

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