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Using Milestones to Track Document Versions

Using milestone documents you can save several versions of the same document without worry of writing over them unless you deliberately decide to replace or delete them. When you save a milestone document, you can enter a summary of the document in the comments box that allows you to identify it from another version quickly without having to carry out a comparison.

For example, you may need to keep three drafts of an engagement questionnaire with the questions ordered differently. Saving them as milestones allows you to summarize why they are ordered differently and hold onto all three of them until you decide which combination of questions you want to use. At any time, you can compare each of the milestones to the current document or to each other and update them as desired.

Some of the options for this feature are not available in Working Papers with SmartSync.

  • Milestones can be used only with CaseView documents that are a part of a client file.
  • Because Milestones can take up considerable disk space, ensure you use the History feature regularly and delete any obsolete versions.
  • If you save all CaseView documents in the client file as milestone documents, the description entered in the Comment box is applied to all milestone documents in the client file.

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