Save Milestone command

Use this command to save a Milestone version of the document. A Milestone is a snapshot of a CaseView document taken at a specific time. Using a milestone helps in version control because it can be used at any time in the Comparison and Revision process to analyze against the current version of the document and revert to the milestone as desired.

Milestones are not created automatically when you save CaseView documents; you must manually save them whenever you recognize that the current version contains elements you’d like to save in a special file.

If applicable, enter a brief description of the milestone here. Use this to outline what is specific to the document. This comment enables you to distinguish between milestone documents when opening them or comparing them to the current document.

Because Milestones can take up considerable disk space, use the History command to delete extraneous milestones.

Some of the options for this feature are not available in Working Papers with SmartSync.

  • CaseView saves the file with a version number. Each time the file is saved after that, the version number increments by one.
  • Milestones can be used only with CaseView documents that are a part of a client file.

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