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About the Issues Viewer

A feature that is similar to the rounding indicator is included in CaseView to identify issues easily by type and also to edit issues quickly. There are four kinds of issues: section issue, cell issue, paragraph issue, and document issue. All but document issues can be highlighted.

The Highlight Issues feature is available in Design, Form, and Enable editing modes. In form mode, the style window will be created if necessary. In Design mode, the section issue indicator is in bold red while the rest becomes gray.

To open the Issues Viewer, on the View tab, click Issues.

Issues can also be filtered to show only those assigned to a specific staff member or expanded to include those which have already been cleared.

The highlighted issues are differentiated in the document in the following way:

  • Paragraph and cell issues are shown with a red square bracket in the main window; in the style window they are shown with a red triangle
  • Section issues are shown with a bold red single square bracket in the style window.

To see the details of the issues, hover your mouse pointer over the item with the issue. A ToolTip opens showing the following:

  • number

  • priority
  • subject
  • assigned to
  • type

In addition, the issue may be changed immediately by clicking Edit on the ToolTip. Another way to make changes to the issue is to right-click the issue and select Edit Issue.

To move the ToolTip, click within the ToolTip and drag it to a new location.

To close the ToolTip, do one of the following:

  • Click elsewhere in the document.
  • Scroll to a different part of the document.
  • Change the document mode.

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