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Adding an Issue

  1. Go to the area of the program (labeled and bookmarked section, paragraph, or cell) to which the issue is to be added.
  2. Right-click where you want the issue to be added.
  3. From the context menu, select Add New Issue, and select the level (document, section, paragraph, cell) that the issue should be associated with. The New Issue dialog opens.

    Note: The available selections may vary based on the location of the cursor. For more information on how the different levels work, see About Issues.

  4. Fill in the necessary information on the New Issue dialog and click OK. The new issue is added to the Issue list.

For additions information on Issues, see the Working Papers or Time Help. When an issue is added in CaseView, it automatically also displays in the Issues Pane in Working Papers/Time.

  • The issue is numbered by default. The issue number contains the initials of the current user followed by an incrementing value.

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