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Protecting the Company File

Use the Time protection feature to ensure the integrity of the file and to determine the role of users who have access to the file.

In Time, protection is set at the data file level. If you have converted your company file from a previous version of Time, and you had file protection ON in the earlier version, check your Protection after the conversion to the new version of Time to confirm that is it still on. Because new releases will have new features added, this will be a good time to see if any changes need to be made to the user rights on the Protection Setup screen. If you are using more than one company file, protection needs to be set in each file.

Any protection or security that was set up in the previous version is preserved during the update and maintained in the new version, however new areas have been added to Protection. In particular, verify that staff rights and staff group rights have been converted correctly and the new areas have been assigned. To do so, go to Tools | Protection.

There are five steps involved in implementing security:

  1. Turning protection on.
  2. Creating the supervisor password Show me
  3. Setting up protection groups and their access rights Show me
  4. Assigning staff to protection groups and setting their passwords.
  5. Assigning documents to the users Show me

To enter completion information for all areas of protection, access it by clicking Tools | Protection.