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To set security settings on the PDF document

  1. With the PDF dialog open, check the box beside PDF Security Options.
  2. Enter the password for the owner of the document. The owner is the person who has full rights to modify and update the document.
  3. Confirm the owner password by reentering it in the confirmation box.
  4. Click the User password drop-down list and select

    None To allow any user to open the PDF document without having to enter a password. Users will not be able to change document security unless they also have the "Owner" password.
    Same as owner password To require users to enter a password to open the PDF document. This same password will allow all users to access the Password Security settings in their PDF creation software, thus making them able to change access rules for the file. Select this when distributing the file only to other "owners" of the file.
    Specify new password To have separate passwords for document launching and for accessing the PDF document security in the PDF creation software. Select this when you want to permit a specific group of users to open the file but to keep them from changing document security.
  5. Select the activities that users who open the file will be allowed to do by checking the box beside a selection. Clearing a box bars users from the action, graying out menu commands and toolbar buttons associated with the activity in the PDF-creation software.

    Enable printing

    When checked, this allows printing to a physical printing device only.

    Trying to reprint or redistill the PDF to a separate PDF under a new name in hopes of getting around the security settings is not allowed.

    Enable document modification Document modification includes touching up text, graphics and other objects in the PDF. It is recommended that this box be cleared to prevent recipients from altering financial documents.
    Enable copying text and graphics If checked, users will be able to drag across the document, copy the selection and paste it into third party software.
    Enable modifying notes If checked, users will be able to add notes and change notes attached to the document by the owner or other users.
  6. Record the password(s) chosen and store them in a safe location. If you forget the passwords, they cannot be retrieved.
  7. When done, click OK to process the PDF.
  • The security settings and passwords should be set up each time the document is produced.
  • If the PDF document is regenerated from Time and the new copy overwrites the previous one, it overwrites any security settings enabled on the previous document.

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